Light Up Your Life
21 Day Meditation & Manifestation Journey
Jan 14 - Feb 4, 2025 ONLINE
Join us for this 21-day journey of practicing an active meditation that has changed thousands of lives! Kundalini Awakening Meditation lights up your life: it awakens your life-force in profound ways and sheds old patterns that have held you back in relationships, health, wealth, and purpose.

With this meditation you can experience:
  • deep peace and presence in daily life
  • dissolution of stress and inner blocks
  • radical self-love and pleasure in your body
  • abundant vitality
  • clear vision and action on your goals
  • and more magic in your life

Combined with powerful mindset tools for manifestation (creative alchemy), your being becomes radiant, and you move through life with more ease, inner power and grace.

This is an ideal time of year to do a meditation journey, starting 2025 with new vision of what you want to create/experience, and aligning your whole being to that inspired reality.

This is one of my favourite meditations to guide people through, because it is truly transformational, while also being freeing and enjoyable. We can't wait to share this journey with you!
Why join this program?
Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life, experiencing low energy, or would you simply love to feel more free, sensual, expansive and creative?

Or are you a game changer who wants to access your full inner power to effect greater change in the world?

This program is designed to remove blocks and unleash your greatness through a daily active Tantra meditation practice that includes breath, sound, and movement, combined with a powerful manifestation method, bringing:
  • More peace, ease and joy in daily life.
  • Greater vitality and self-love, opening creativity, magnetism and manifestation.
  • Enhanced intuition and inspired solutions.
  • Release of stuck emotions and self-limiting programs. Develop your ability to shift quickly from victimhood into your greatness.
  • Pleasurable activation of your femininity and sensual energy.
  • Inner healing and connection to Source.
  • Gratitude, freedom and expansion.
Program Includes
Creative Alchemy + Kundalini Awakening Meditation
During our first Zoom session, we'll do a guided visualization that connects you with your true heart's desires and the key mindset for manifestation. Your daily Kundalini Awakening Meditation will help activate the intentions you have set.
Weekly Group Session Online

Every week, we'll practice the meditation together (through Zoom), showing up with totality to co-create a powerful energetic container for transformation.
Tuesday Jan 14, 6:00-9:00 pm EST
Tuesday Jan 21 and Jan 28, 6:30-7:40 pm EST
Tuesday Feb 4, 6:30-7:50 pm EST

Individual Daily Practice
In between the weekly group sessions, you'll do the meditation daily on your own. Soundtrack and instructions are provided.

Plus a bonus Q&A session: to go deeper and work through any blocks
Telegram Group

Share your experiences/questions through our private Telegram group, and benefit from additional resources, tips and support to help you come out of limiting patterns into your true creative power.

A life-changing journey

made affordable for all

$150 USD

*Sliding scale available

Video Testimonial

Testimonial from Alona Uzhnyeva

Meet your guide
  • Bryarly McEachern
    Tantra Teacher & Life Guide, Earth Nectar
    Faculty of Tantra Nectar
Welcome beloved, I am happy that you are here!
My mission is to help you experience more personal power, pleasure, peace, and purpose - to live your sweetest, most fulfilling life.

As a teacher and intuitive guide, I have been guiding people into deeper connection with themselves, others, and the natural world for 15 years, bringing a broad worldview and diverse teachings to my programs: Tantra, alchemy/magic, yoga, qigong, dance, earth wisdom, western psychology, and authentic relating.

Tantra is foundational as it embraces and unifies all experience, and it is potent medicine for these times, bringing us into harmony with our feminine/masculine, our emotions, sexuality, relationships, body, mind and spirit.

We are all creator beings, and when our kundalini is flowing freely, there is no limit to what we can create in our lives!
Professional Experience
Bryarly McEachern
Founder/Guide at Earth Nectar
Certified Tantra Facilitator with Tantra Nectar University
Bryarly's relevant professional experience spans yoga teacher training with Himalayan Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishvketu of the Akhanda Yoga Institute, 9 years of teaching Akhanda Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga; she is a certified Tantra Master (Level 3) through master teacher Satyarthi Prateek of Tantra Nectar University; she has participated in numerous trainings with other renowned tantra teachers including Ma Ananda Sarita, Margot Anand and Sofia Sundari, and she offers personal coaching in tantra, wellness, relationships, and creative alchemy.

Bryarly has an M.Sc. in field ecology from the University of Vermont, and is the co-founder and former executive director of Earth Path, an Ottawa-based nature education non-profit. She teaches tantra internationally and lives with her partner between Canada, Bali, and France.
Kundalini is the creative power and energy of the Universe, rising like a serpent within the body, connecting you to Earth and the Source of all creation.

"The job of Kundalini is not changing any situations; the job is changing you, your point of view. So whether there is a good situation or a bad situation, you will see it differently… This meditation gives you so much energy, so much juiciness, ecstasy and such a beautiful mood, any external situation doesn’t matter. A new kind of clarity will come; nothing will affect you. That is the purpose."

Satyarthi Prateek, Tantra Master & Creator of Kundalini Awakening Meditation
Invest in your wellbeing
Say yes to feeling more peace, pleasure and purpose in your life!
Program Details
  • Program investment: $150 USD (*sliding scale available)
  • Program schedule: 4 weekly classes + weekday chat support + daily solo practice + resources

January 14 (1st class, 3 hrs): 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST - Includes creative alchemy workshop + Kundalini Awakening Meditation

January 21 (1 hr 20 min): 6:30 pm - 7:40 pm EST - Kundalini Awakening Meditation group practice

January 28 (1 hr 20 min): 6:30 pm - 7:40 pm EST - Kundalini Awakening Meditation group practice

February 4 (1 hr 30 min): 6:30 pm - 7:50 pm EST - Debrief of Journey

Plus a Bonus Q&A Session, which will be recorded. Your chance to ask questions so you can go even deeper in your practice and work through any blocks.

  • Payment is due upon registration.
  • All classes will be conducted online through Zoom and require a reliable internet connection (upload/download speeds > 10 Mbps), and good speakers or a bluetooth headset for playing the music through. Powerful sound while allowing freedom of movement is an essential part of the experience.
  • As this meditation combines breath, sound, and movement, it is recommended that you have access to a private space where you can freely make noise.
  • Please make sure you are committed to attending the whole session (check dates and times) before registering and submitting your payment.
  • After you make your full payment, we will send you an email confirming your enrollment, including further program info and access to the program's Telegram Group.
  • Enrollment for this program will be capped at 20 participants.
Contact Us
Questions? Send an email to me,, or follow my channels below.
IG: Bryarlym FB: Bryarly.McEachern
Book a free 20-min discovery call with Bryarly to see if her programs are a Yes! for you. Or send in a question.
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