Work with Bryarly

If you want to enjoy more peace, pleasure, power or purpose in your life,

book a free 20 min discovery call, and we'll see how I can help you best.

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Work with Bryarly

If you want to enjoy more peace, pleasure, power or purpose in your life, book a free 20 min discovery call, and we'll see how I can help you best.

Email to book.

How I Help People
I help people access their inner power, pleasure and purpose, incorporating mind-body-spirit approaches from Tantra,yoga, qigong, western psychology, authentic relating, creative alchemy, and the healing arts.
  • Activate Your Full Vitality
    Activate your full life-force and s∊xual energy and clear blockages, so you feel vibrantly alive again. Through tantric activation exercises, qigong and Taoist practices.
  • Envision & Create Your Ideal Life
    Uncover your limiting beliefs and whatever else may be holding you back, discover your greatness through an intuitive reading, and learn to use powerful creative alchemy tools to bring your dreams into reality.
  • Awaken Your Sensuality and Love
    Awaken your sensual energy, the basis of creativity, and embrace your whole being and body with love. No more shame, guilt, or comparisons. Tantric practices for connecting more deeply with your nature, your heart, womb, body, and intuition, and the divine feminine.

    Learn Tantric meditations and techniques to awaken life-force energy, sensuality, love and connection.
  • Receive Healing Bodywork
    Come back to your body and inner being through healing bodywork that releases tension from muscles, joints and nervous system, removes blocks from the flow of your sensual energy and life-force, and brings you to deeper inner peace. Modalities used: Tantra healing massage, Thai yoga massage, Reiki, Kashmiri massage.
  • Improve Your Relationships & Communication
    Improve intimacy, connection and tantric lovemaking with your partner.
    Understand yourself- your needs, fears, desires and limiting beliefs- and others, learning skills to communicate more authentically with your loved ones.
    Clear past relationships and unhealthy energy entanglements from current relationships.
Client Testimonials
  • I had the pleasure of receiving a Thai yoga massage from Bryarly. It was the best bodywork/massage I have had in years. Bryarly works very sensitively and intuitively; this allowed me to gradually let go of control, trust, and allow her to move my body. I fell into a deeper and deeper relaxation- deeper than in any massage in recent years. Through the relaxation I felt completely connected to myself. For me the session with Bryarly was true bliss. I recommend Bryarly from all my heart.
    Carolin Salazar
    Life Coach, Psychic
  • I've been meditating for over 25 years and was always curious about how people were able to have a full kundalini awakening experience. Bryarly guided me through the Kundalini Awakening meditation and on my first attempt I had one of the most profound experiences of my entire life. I felt like I was able to let go of generations of anger and resentment. I also felt true joy and a pure connection to divine source energy. Bryarly has a thorough grasp of tantra, and I highly recommend her programs for anyone looking to expand their horizons and release the chains that bind us to a smaller existence.
    Chad Scott
    Master Coach & Musician/Producer
  • Bryarly is a tantric priestess who blessed me with an abundance of subtle, warm, and conscious touch. During the Tantra Healing Massage session, she gently took me to a different dimension. It was a wonderful experience that helped me balance my energy through a boost of the feminine element. I'm looking forward to discover the further layers of inner bliss that this healing massage awakens.
    Bart Bobrowski
    Freedom Coach & Digital Creator
  • By the end of the course I felt so much more connected and free, more able to love myself than (possibly ever!) before. This course has been a beautiful and foundational step on my journey towards unconditional self-love. I highly recommend Bryarly’s courses and working with Bryarly in general! She just exudes lightness, warmth, love, and gentle power.
    Tara da Costa
  • I joined one of Bryarly's 7-day Tantra wellness programs because I wanted to improve my health and increase my s.xl energy. I noticed that by day 4 my body was already changing- I had more energy, my lymphatic system was flowing much better, and I had more clarity and drive to create. Doing the practice daily, I felt so much relief- my body was buzzing and I just kept releasing more and more. Sometimes there are deep insights, sometimes intense ecstasy, and other times a feeling of peace and bliss. I'm so grateful for Bryarly and am feeling very blessed for this journey.
    Athena Pasialis
    Health Coach & Herbalist
  • I received an intuitive reading from Bryarly, called a Victim and Greatness Reading. The victim reading helped me put words to a feeling I was repressing and avoiding. Her ability to intuitively read my past experiences and current reality allowed me to feel truly seen for the first time. When we shifted to the greatness reading, she once again was able to intuitively put words to a reality I know at my core is true. While the process was uncomfortable and forced me to face feelings I have been avoiding, the reading afforded me the knowledge required to claim my greatness. Thank you Bryarly for all you do and sharing your gifts!
    Colleen Cole
    Public Policy Director
  • Hi Sisters, tonight my heart was overflowing with love for you all and that sacred feminine connection that was awakened, nourished, and strengthened during the retreat. I never imagined the potency this gathering would offer me. All sorts of layers peeling off. I am filled with gratitude for what has unfolded and what is to come. Thank you.
    Juniper Turgeon
    Mom, Farmer, Entrepreneur
  • The Wild Women Retreat was the rejuvenating and uplifting experience I was looking for. Bryarly and Corinne were excellent facilitators, skillful at creating a safe, positive, caring atmosphere for participants... I feel so refreshed, like I shed a snake skin, and feel so lucky to have met this group of wonder sister women.
    Sasha Pastran
    Policy Analyst
Invest in Yourself
I'll guide you from your current circumstances toward your desired reality.
Coaching Sessions
4 x 90 min coaching sessions = USD $600
This is like taking a private course with me, specially designed for you based on your goals and current circumstances. You'll also receive life-time access to relevant audio and video recordings as part of the package, including guided meditations.

There is flexibility in scheduling, so you can use the 4 sessions over a two month period. No bodywork sessions included in this package.
Healing Bodywork
Tantra Healing Massage (2 sessions) = USD $300

1 x 120 min Thai Yoga Massage + Reiki
This provides gentle stretching and releasing of muscles, more joint mobility, improves energy flow, and brings you into a deeply relaxed state, well prepared to receive a Tantra Healing Massage.

1 x 130 min Tantra Healing Massage
Through Tantra Healing Massage, the giver’s hands lovingly guide your body, mind and spirit into deep relaxation where natural healing can happen and your sensual life-force energy can flow optimally again.
Tantra Transformation Journey (8 weeks, 9 sessions) = Package Price = USD $1240 (actual price = $1450). Can pay in 2 installments. Includes:
5 x 90 min Tantra Coaching Sessions
1 x 120 min Thai Yoga Massage + Reiki
2 x 120 min Tantra Healing Massage
1 x 135 min Kashmiri Tantra Massage

This option is for people who want to experience deeper sensual, physical and emotional healing; they are ready to experience a significant shift in themselves and transformation in their life, feeling more peace, pleasure and inner freedom.
Kashmiri Tantra Massage (1 session) = $200 USD
(aka. Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Massage Ritual)

1 x 150 min session
This is a very deep, sacred massage ritual from the tantra masters of Kashmir, wherein you reconnect to your whole self, releasing shame, and opening more fully to the flow of your sensual and vital energy through healing touch and the removal of karmic imprints. Balances all stages of your development.
It is only advisable for people who have already experienced a Tantra Healing Massage.
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