July 20-21, 2024


Hosted by Corinne & Bryarly McEachern in Wakefield, QC

Join us in sisterhood for two blissful days of nourishing your body, mind, and spirit, in a beautiful natural setting near Wakefield, QC! This year's retreat is all about helping you: awaken your bliss body, hold yourself lovingly no matter what, shed old patterns to create a sweeter life, and honour your true nature and purpose. Explore, nurture, heal, connect, release, empower and enjoy!
Who This Is For

Are you ready for some delicious self-care, two whole days to focus on you?

Are you ready to recharge, connect with yourself and other women, and create more sweet magic in your life?

Wherever you’re at, if you’re a woman, this Wild Women Retreat is specially designed for you! This retreat is designed to help you:

  • Open to deeper self-love, feeling your beauty, pleasure and power
  • Awaken your life-force energy and embrace your sensuality, your wildness, and all expressions of you
  • Shift out of old patterns (fear, shame etc.) that have held you back and step into your creative, expansive nature, able to create the life you truly want
  • Experience healing in your heart, womb and yoni, and trust your intuition
  • Receive nourishment from nature and experience a new relationship with botanicals, our plant allies
  • Connect with other women in heartfelt ways, communicating freely and in sisterhood
  • Learn conscious healing touch & authentic relating skills for clearer boundaries & deeper intimacy
  • Play, and enjoy this magical life more!
You will be able to integrate the practices we share into your life, and they will support you in staying connected with your inner Wild Woman: radiantly alive, inspired, free, empowered, sensual, and purposeful.
  • Sasha Pastran
    Mom & Policy Analyst, participant in Wild Women Retreat
    The Wild Women Retreat was the rejuvenating and uplifting experience I was looking for. Bryarly and Corinne were excellent facilitators, skillful at creating a safe, positive, caring atmosphere for participants. Thank you Brya, Corinne, and everyone who I had the honour and privilege to share the day with yesterday! I feel so refreshed, like I shed a snake skin, and feel so lucky to have met a group of wonder sister women in yourselves. Celebrating women's power and sisterhood is something that the world needs more of.
  • Juniper Turgeon
    Farmer & Entrepreneur, participant in Wild Women Retreat
    Hi Sisters, tonight I drove by the retreat centre and my heart was overflowing with love for you all and that sacred feminine connection that was awakened, nourished, and strengthened on Monday. I never imagined the potency of what this gathering would offer me. All sorts of layers peeling off. I am filled with gratitude for what has unfolded and what is to come. Love to you all.
  • Athena Pasialis 
    Herbalist, participant in 21-Day Awaken Bliss journey
    I joined Bryarly's 21 Day Awaken Bliss program because I wanted to improve my health and increase my s.xual energy. I noticed that by day 4 my body was already changing- I had more energy, my lymphatic system was flowing much better, and I had more clarity and drive to create. Doing the practice daily, I felt so much relief- my body was buzzing and I just kept releasing more and more. Sometimes there are deep insights, sometimes intense ecstasy, and other times just a feeling of peace and bliss. I'm so grateful for Bryarly and am feeling very blessed for this journey.

Retreat includes:
Transformative practices inspired by our beloved Tantra teachers Satyarthi Prateek, Ma Ananda Sarita, Margot Anand, and/or Sofia Sundari. These are active meditations that bring you out of your head and back to your bliss body: they awaken sensual energy, clear blockages, nourish your femininity and sensuality, release stress, and open love, helping you to feel relaxed, empowered and free. They also supercharge your ability to manifest the life you'd love.
Dance is a profound medicine for women and is woven throughout the retreat. Release, embody, celebrate and call in.
Healing with Nature & Energy
Free your inner wild woman in this beautiful natural setting at Ferme Art Nature. Connect with nature and the loving, feminine vibrations of botanicals, deeply replenishing yourself.
Enjoy a powerfully healing ritual for your heart and womb, freeing you from past pain.
Conscious Touch
You are already a natural healer; you will learn how to give conscious healing touch to yourself and others, in ways that nourish, relax, and deepen intimacy. This is the foundation of Tantra healing massage.
Connect in Sisterhood
Connect with other women on a deeper level, dropping jealousy, comparison and fear. Feel heard, understood and supported by your fellow sisters. Open the doors to more conscious communication in all your relationships.
+ A Delicious Vegan Lunch on Both Days
Fresh local vegan lunch prepared by Nina, founder of the popular restaurant La Belle Verte. Everyone agrees, Nina's food is wowwwww, a major highlight!
An unforgettable experience for only
CAD $444
(or 2 instalments of $222 each)
Special discount code FRIENDS2024 gives you another $50 off at checkout when paying in full

A portion of your payment goes to our scholarship fund, enabling women with fewer financial resources to participate. If you need a scholarship, email me.
Retreat Location:
Ferme Art Nature
279 ch. Shouldice, Wakefield, QC
(30 mins northwest of Ottawa)

This is a beautiful farm stewarded by sisters Nina and Marie Lavoie, who are lovingly tending the land and historic structures on the property to create a refuge where all can gather to heal people and planet, connect with nature and spirit, and celebrate this life with each other. We are so grateful that they are welcoming us to this sacred place.

We weave together practices that help to empower and express your true self, balance your feminine and masculine qualities, and show you that you are already a healer and wise woman, connected to all that is.

We are all ONE; we women are fundamentally on the same path, facing similar challenges and blessings, and one of the greatest experiences we can have as women is receiving love and support from our fellow sisters, and tuning into existential energy (Spirit) and our earth mother, weaving with her magic.

This is what the Wild Women Retreat is all about. We are curating a safe space where women feel FREE, EMPOWERED, NOURISHED, LOVED AND SUPPORTED. And BEAUTIFUL!
Meet Your Guides
Bryarly McEachern
Teacher, Guide & Bodyworker: Tantra | Wellness | Relationships
Certified Tantra Master (Level 3) with Tantra Nectar University
Bryarly's relevant professional experience spans yoga teacher training with Himalayan Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishvketu of the Akhanda Yoga Institute, 9 years of teaching Akhanda Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga; she is a certified Tantra Master (Level 3) through master teacher Satyarthi Prateek of Tantra Nectar University; she has participated in numerous trainings with other renowned Tantra teachers including Ma Ananda Sarita, Margot Anand, and Sofia Sundari, and she offers private coaching and bodywork sessions in Tantra, wellness, and creative alchemy.

Bryarly has an M.Sc. in field ecology from the University of Vermont, and is the co-founder and former executive director of Earth Path, an Ottawa-based nature education non-profit. She teaches internationally and lives with her partner between Bali, Canada, and France.
Personal Message from Bryarly
Welcome loves, I am happy that you are here with us! I am here to help women experience more joy, peace, freedom, pleasure and purpose in their lives. As a teacher, guide, and intuitive healer, I have been guiding people into deeper connection with themselves, others, and the natural world for 14 years.

Growing up in a global nomad family of 7 children (with my sister Corinne) in 6 countries including Nepal and Egypt, I bring a broad worldview and a diversity of teachings and practices to my programs: Tantra, yoga, earth wisdom, dance, qigong, eastern philosophy, western psychology, authentic relating, and alchemy/magic.

My goal is to support women on their evolutionary journey, helping women to: get unstuck; feel more juicy, alive and deeply nourished; love and feel safe in their body; connect with their intuition, inner wisdom and magic; and enjoy beautiful healthy relationships, including with mother earth.

We look forward to journeying with you and co-creating at the upcoming Wild Women Retreat!

Corinne McEachern
Energy Healer, Herbalist, and Mother
Corinne has been living in authentic connection with the natural world for her whole adult life, from living in tree houses in the mountains and natural shelters on wild beaches, to building her own eco-friendly home in the woods of Quebec. In addition to directly receiving guidance from mother earth, she is a certified Reiki Master, Yoga Meets Dance instructor, certified womb healer and Moon Mother, an avid gardener and herbalist, and deeply intuitive healer. She has been facilitating women's work for over 12 years.

Corinne also has a BA in Geography from Queen's University and is the co-founder of Earth Path, an Ottawa-based nature education non-profit.
Personal Message from Corinne
Hello dear ones,
My journey has been a diverse one that has taken me far and wide, not just in the physical plane, but within my inner landscape as well. Moving around the world with my parents and 6 siblings (including 4 years in Nepal as a young woman) has informed my growth and teachings and provided a richness of perspective for which I am deeply grateful.

What has been my dearest companion is our earth mother, with whom I have found a sense of reverent connection no matter where I am. I am a lover of plants, flowers and trees, and the waters in all her forms. I love to share this with others, so they may also access the healing wisdom that mother earth extends to us all.

Along this path I have become a plant medicine-maker and floral alchemist, a nature educator, as well as a Reiki and energy healing practitioner, womb healer, yoga dance instructor, and a mother. I hold a BA in Geography from Queen's University, have completed trainings in the healing arts at Findhorn in Scotland and across Canada and am the co-founder of Earth Path, an Ottawa-based nature education non-profit.

My soul’s journey is to create beauty and bring love, kindness, and understanding into the world. My purpose is to help women establish nourishing and joyful connections with themselves and each other, as well as facilitate a return to our roots as caretakers of the earth.

Sending much love to you all.

Your Wild Woman is yearning to be expressed- she brings the gift of boundless energy, freedom from limitation, sensual connection with the world, inner power, and unconditional love.
Invest in your wellbeing
Say yes to feeling more joy, vitality,
pleasure and purpose in your life!
Program Details
  • Program price: $444 (or pay in 2 instalments of $222 each). Ask about scholarships and promotional discounts if needed.
  • Program schedule:

9:30-9:50 am Arrive and Sign-In

9:55 am Opening and Morning Activities

1:30 pm Lunch and Free Time - Delicious vegan lunch provided

2:30-6:30 pm Afternoon Activities & Tea Break

6:30-7:00 pm Closing Circle (1st day will finish at 6:30 pm, 2nd day at 7:00 pm)

  • Accommodations: This is a non-residential retreat. Participants need to arrange their own accommodations for the night of July 20. There are several wonderful B&Bs and AirBNBs in the Wakefield area, and our previous Wild Women Retreat participants have recommended treating it as a weekend away, rather than going back home on Saturday night. They were able to relax into the energy of the retreat even more by staying nearby in Wakefield. Camping on site may be an option, so ask if interested.
  • Food: A delicious vegan lunch and afternoon treat will be provided to participants on both days.
  • Payment is due upon registration. You can pay via e-transfer to Bryarly@EarthNectar.ca, or via the Pay By Card link that appears after submitting your registration form. If you pay by card, please note that there is an additional 3% charge.
  • Self-Responsibility: We will be doing active practices such as breathwork, dynamic meditations, dance, massage, and other embodiment exercises, which can be both physically and emotionally stimulating. If you have any mental or physical health concerns that could be aggravated by your participation at this retreat, please consult your doctor before choosing to attend.
  • Please make sure you are committed to attending the whole retreat before registering and submitting your payment. This will help to ensure that all participants feel safely held in the sacred space we create.
  • After you make your full payment, within 1 business day we will send you an email confirming your enrollment. We will send participants an orientation email with directions to the venue, a list of what to bring, and other pertinent details 10 days before the retreat begins.
  • Enrollment will be capped at 14 participants.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellation requests received at least 30 days before the start of the program will receive a full refund, minus a non-refundable deposit of $50. Cancellation requests received less than 30 days before the start of the program will not be eligible for a refund. Exceptional circumstances may be considered, in which case you may be eligible for a partial refund/partial credit towards future programs within 1 year, minus the $50 non-refundable deposit. In the circumstance of the event being cancelled, all registrants will receive a full refund.
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