november 2024
Berlin, Germany
Tantra for Women
Feel and freely express your true nature
Join us in sisterhood for a blissful day of nourishing your body, mind and spirit, at a beautiful centre in Berlin!
Who This Is For
Tantra for Women is a blissful day of self-care, connecting with yourself and other women in deeply nourishing and liberating ways.

If you're a woman desiring any of the following, this retreat is specially designed for you! The retreat and the practices you'll learn will help you:
  • Feel nourished and recharged, and live from a deeper peace and joy
  • Love and enjoy your body, dropping shame and comparison
  • Awaken your sexual energy, vitality and playfulness
  • Open more deeply to love
  • Experience more pleasure in lovemaking and life
  • Connect with yourself and other women in heartfelt and fun ways, shedding jealousy
  • Release stuck emotions and learn conscious communication skills for more fulfilling relationships
  • Tap into your vision of what you'd love to create in your life
  • Discover tantra, a powerful and beautiful path for living fully- with more presence, authenticity and loving connection
What is Tantra? It is a path that embraces and tends to our whole being- our emotions, thoughts, sexuality, vitality, and relationships- our physical, mental and spiritual dimensions- with love, presence, wisdom and awareness. It is a path to living our full potential, enabling us to navigate all of life's experiences and dualities without fear: good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light. And along the way it brings abundant joy, freedom, healing and expansion!
Retreat includes:
Transformative meditations and practices from our beloved teachers Satyarthi Prateek of Tantra Nectar University and Ma Ananda Sarita.
  • Activate sensual energy and vitality through transformative Tantra meditations (involving intention, breath, sound and movement). Empowerment tools for life!
  • Free yourself from body shame and awaken more self-love and pleasure
  • Learn the art of conscious touch and how to deepen connection with self and others
  • Better understand the unique paths to pleasure for women vs men, and how to balance feminine and masculine energies in our lives
  • Feel relaxed, deeply nourished, and more open to receiving love
Dance is a powerful medicine for women and is woven throughout the day. Release, embody and call in. Learn from a professional dancer how to tap into your sensuality and alluring femininity through movement.
Authentic Relating
Engage in guided exercises designed to help you communicate your desires and boundaries. Feel heard, understood and supported by your fellow sisters, connecting on a deeper level. Open the doors to more conscious communication in all your relationships.
An unforgettable experience and powerful tools for life for
only $--- (TBD as we scout venues)

Retreat Location:
To be determined; we are in the process of scouting out the ideal venue.

Let me know if you have questions or would like a free Discovery Call
Invest in your wellbeing
Say yes to feeling more peace, pleasure and purpose in your life!
Meet Your Guide, Bryarly
Welcome beloved, I am happy that you are here!
I am here to help women experience more personal power, peace, pleasure and purpose in their lives. As a teacher and intuitive guide, I have been guiding people into deeper connection with themselves, others, and the natural world for 14 years.

Growing up in a family of 7 children in 6 countries including Nepal and Egypt, I bring a broad worldview and diverse teachings to my programs: tantra, alchemy/magic, yoga, qigong, dance, earth wisdom, western psychology, and authentic relating.

Tantra is foundational as it embraces and unifies all experience, and it is powerful medicine for these times.

I came to body-mind-spirit practices in my 20s when seeking a way through anxiety/depression and several health issues. Yoga, qigong and herbal medicine were my first portals to a place of better health and wellbeing. But I still felt underconfident and unfulfilled in my sensuality- embarrassed about parts of my body and unable to feel bliss in lovemaking.

In 2016 I began a quest to connect with my body with radical love, pleasure and self-acceptance, and to reawaken the sensual energy that was natural to me as a child. Finding Tantra in 2017, I felt, "This is it; this is what I've been seeking my entire life!" It unified all that I had learned and fills the missing pieces. Combining tantra with creative alchemy and other powerful modalities, my mission is to help women to feel deeply nourished and alive, enjoy healthier relationships, manifest their greatness and authenticity, and live their sweetest, most fulfilling life.

Professional Experience
Bryarly McEachern
Founder/Guide at Earth Nectar
Certified Tantra Facilitator with Tantra Nectar University
Bryarly's relevant professional experience spans yoga teacher training with Himalayan Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishvketu of the Akhanda Yoga Institute, 9 years of teaching Akhanda Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga; she is a certified Tantra Master (Level 3) through Satyarthi Prateek of Tantra Nectar University; she has participated in numerous trainings with other renowned tantra teachers including Ma Ananda Sarita, Margot Anand and Sofia Sundari, and she offers personal coaching in tantra, wellness, relationships, and creative alchemy.

Bryarly has an M.Sc. in field ecology from the University of Vermont, and is the co-founder and former executive director of Earth Path, an Ottawa-based nature education non-profit. She teaches tantra internationally and lives with her partner between Canada, Bali, and France.
Contact Us
Questions? Send an email to me,, or follow my channels: IG: Bryarlym, FB: bryarly.mceachern
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